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Who am i?

I am tech addicted designer.

As a designer I do graphics, 3D, web, multimedia development and research.

As a designer everything can be a product, from spoon to complex systems.

As a tech addicted I look forward and make good choices about new things, from consumer electronics to design tools.

In this site you can see many projects I did as pro and as student.


Some projects

Other projects, illustrations and products can be seen in social sites as Deviantart, as iLoveDooM, and Coroflot, as Matteo Sgherri.


Matteo Sgherri, Ph.D. Designer, works both real life context, as for everyday products, transportation and furniture, and virtual or abstract, such as graphics, video graphics, interfaces, user experience and web.

He graduated first degree bachelor and master in Industrial Design at the Faculty of Architecture and Ph.D. at the Doctorate School of Architecture and Design of the University of Genoa in Italy. As a work stage during the 3 years degree he did a project for Centro Ricerche FIAT at Orbassano in Turin about brand design and graphics for SAFESPOT and WATCHOVER.

During the academic studies he has developed many design sectors for exams projects that culminated culturally in the thesis, for first degree the design of a city car for Michelin Challenge Design 2006 and for the master degree the design of a seat line for conduction of yachts in collaboration with Azimut Yacht.

The PhD research has detailed for the italian company Ansaldo Energia the tools for design and team work on complex systems, such as their power plants, analyzing in ways as direct uses for architecture design (BIM) and as the interfaces and the overall experience (UX).

During the PhD at the Faculty of Architecture of Genoa he worked as educational tutor for design labs and courses and teaching assistant for multimedia design lab, directly teaching the module of Autodesk 3D Studio Max.

Outside the academic studies he worked for many companies, such as Celin Avio, Scienzia Machinale Robotica, INGV and (now offline but still live as youtube channel).

Now he works for Blue Monkey Studio for edutainment and entertaiment projects, one of which is Sullivan #0 HD for iPad, for Consorzio Si.Re. for VR projects for various products, from 3D content to VR management.


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